Our journey to home working is complete

At BYC Aqua (now part of Woven Solutions) from our offices in Cape Town we  serve multiple clients, sectors and countries not only in the contact centre industry, but from across all business areas. As with our clients and partners our need to protect our internal resources is paramount. 

In the wake of the outbreak of the Coronavirus this meant our implementation to a swift working from solution was absolutely imperative.  As with our parent company Woven, a move to remote working had long been part of our strategy, and we are proud to say that our transition to a remote working environment that simultaneously respects the safeguards we require for our colleagues and that feels seamless for our clients, has now been achieved.

In a matter of weeks, we now have 100% of all our South African colleagues working from home!  This is testament to the fact that BYC have once again demonstrated our absolute commitment to our service delivery to you our clients and your customers.

Of course, this has been transition has been no mean feat as our BYC colleagues are spread across all the South African provinces and is exactly why agility and flexibility havebeen key requirements during the planning and implementation of this sizeable task.  Ensuring hardware, software, telephony and internet access to set up to homes where there was none of these essential business functions previously, whilst not interrupting our commitment to a robust and reliable service for our clients, has required a different way of thinking.  This means that we now have an IT set up that allows secure VPN into office environments and all client CRM systems remotely, allowing us to ‘go live’ with new clients despite the current lockdown.

There have been many long days and plenty of learning during the process of designing and implementing home working at BYC, and in many ways the transition for the entire company to work from home has been like an army manoeuvre – meticulous in detail and daily planning sessions with everyone involved, but the secret to our success has been our ability to keep our team communication as fluid as if they were all in the same facility.  To enable this we have utilised our unique Aqua technology coupled with other platforms, to enable all our morning huddles, coaching sessions and internal meetings, ensuring that every team member has what they need to continue to focus on your quality in a self-motivated and empowered way.

Guaranteeing that we continue to deliver ouroutsourced QA services, outsourced survey services and Aqua license without interruption to our valued clients around the world.

CEO Jackie Naughton shares her experience of how BYC responded rapidly to the COVID-19 realities, and how the organisation is managing to continue to deliver world-class services with a fully remote, work-from-home workforce.

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